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tv   Action News Weekend Edition at 6AM  ABC  August 6, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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live, from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news. right now on abc action news weekend edition, another tragedy in france as you wake up on this saturday. more than a dozen people are dead after at a popular bar. we are learning new details about this tragic accident that killed many young people. plus, a major breakthrough on the fight against zika. three vaccines that could possibly protect you from the virus. it's sals tax free weekend. before you go, there are big changes you need to know about before hitting the checkout lanes. plus, a new study suggests
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the major economic and social benefits for those who don't have a significant other later on in the show. we are so glad you're waking up with us. before we get to your top stories, let's head other to bill logan. i should say bill the trivia expeart logan. >> we played trivia this past weekend. >> lindsey, the things he knows. i always knew he was wise. let's >> okay. >> do you know what mammal has four knees? >> ponder on this until we get to our first forecast. don't go to the interwebs and look it up. you are not allowed. we are using our electronic device to see a small shower cell down here off the sarasota coast and more rain off the
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offshore, we did have some showers working their way up into the big bend area, but those are mostly falling apart right now. don't get lulled into a false sense of security. we will definitely see those rains ramping up later on. current temperature right around 78/79 combrees. we have cooled off just a little bit chl mostly clear skies? clearwater and st. petersburg. clouds around tampa where it's 79. those folks they are probably going to get on the moist side. soggy cosplay and maybe escape as we get out of the rain as we ramp up to mid 80s with more shower chances today. tell you exactly when those rain fall amounts are going to be hitting the hardest coming up in just about 12 minutes or so. lindsey, that's when you can try to figure out what mammals. >> give you a hint, it's not me.
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opened all lanes of state road 60. troopers are still on the scene investigating an overnight crash, serious crash there with injuries at one point had all of the east and westbound lanes shut down. good news. right now, if you are about to walk out the door, you should have no troubles getting through that area. once again, state road 60. new video just into our news room this morning, 13 people are dead and 6 others injured after an explosion and fire in northern france. police say the fire started around midnight at a birthday party. right now, investigators say the explosion that caused the fire was accidental. the victims were between the ages of 18 and 25. france, as you know, has been on high alert after several deadly terror attacks this year. a dover woman is recovering at tampa general hospital this morning after she was badly burned. linda johnson was burning old newspapers and receipts in a barrel behind her home when
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explosion. this is cell phone video right here from moments after that explosion. you could see that black smoke coming from the woman's backyard. 25% of johnson's body was burned, including a leg, arm, and back. colby davis shot this video. she happened to be down the street at the time and stayed with johnson until paramedics arrived. >> i came around this other side. she was laying right over here dousing herself down with the water. >> johnson is expected full recovery. firefighters haven't said what may have caused that explosion. state health officials now confirming 13 new trovl- -- travel-related cases of the zika virus. it brings it up to a whopping 422 cases in florida, but there is promising news on the fight against this virus. we're learning this morning three possible vaccines have protected monkeys against
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sign, but all of the studies have been small so far, only testing a few dozen monkeys. in all, officials plan to test vaccines on humans in the next few months. this week, the state of florida began to offer free zika testing to any pregnant women concerned with being infected with the virus. right now, a popular swimming hole closed because of an aggressive gator. the 8-foot gator reportedly charged a boat. a private trapper was hired catch the gator. swimmer at the popular rainbow river were told to get out of the water. the park will reopen once the gator is chaured. take a good look at your screen. naomi bunton walked away from a treatment centers. they shi she could be in polk county right now. if you see her, if you know where she is, call dep tis.
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waking up in jail charged with an absolutely disgusting and unthinkable crime. deputies say amber williams sexually abused her own children. one child told investigators she was forced to have sex and watch pornography. another said the abuse started when she was just five. a broward county judge called the case one of the worst he's ever seen. three chicago police officers relieved of their police powers and an independent review board investigating call tg body shocking. it shows moments leading up to police killed an unarmed man accused of stealing a car. >> i believe it was an execution. >> a chicago officer opens fire on a black jaguar as it reyeses down a street. the car crashes. the driver bolts. officers chase him into an alleyway then multiple shots
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>> officers handcuff paul o'neill as he lies face down. hands behind his back, his arms appear limp, the back of his shirt covered in blood. he later died from his injuries. he was 18 years old. >> paul was loved by my mother, his family, me. was everybody's best friend. he loved to keep smiles everybody's face, joking, playing basketball. >> as other body cameras rolled, the camera from the officer suspected of shooting o'neill didn't record the moment he opened fire. >> these officers had their own street justice in their minds. they played judge, jury, and executioner. >> as o'neill's family mourns, his sister says there are more questions than answers. >> we just want answers, the truth, that's it. i'm very hurt.
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at this ment. >> i'm mary maloney reporting. >> this comes almost two years after the shooting death of michael brown in the st. louis suburb of ferguson, missouri. this weekend, several events are planned to remember brown in the st. hughes -- st. louis area. we're just learning a south florida police commander will not face charges controversial shooting that was also caught on video. investigators accusing north miami police of giving statements in the shooting of unarmed therapist last month, the therapist shot as he tried to help an autistic patient. he never lied about what happened during the shooting and he will not face any charges. the 2016 olympic games kicked off last night with opening ceremonies in rio but not without controversy inside.
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near the stadium where people against the olympics wanted to highlight the scandal of brazil's president. o protesters waeed seens reading no to the exhibit and a crowd of about 3,000 blocked the hotel. in case you missed the opening ceremonies, the games goon with a burst of elaborate fireworks. the most memorable parts of last night's show, an incredible cat walk bundchen. she also highlighted the history of their country and the negative sides. despite the serious moments, overall, it was a big party with lots of bright colors, dancing, and singing. looking to save money on all those all-important back to school supplies. florida's back to school tax holiday started friday, but before you shop, there are three big changes that you are going to want to know about first. it is much shorter this year.
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days in the past, there are now just three days where you won't get charged sales tax. computers are not eligible for the tax break this year. finally, you'll only get a break on clothes that cost less than $60. last year, that limit was a hundred. and there's a lot more coming up on this edition of abc action news weekend edition. none of us like parting with our hard-earned money, but the big improvements one community said it can make to your everyday commute for about 5 extra bucks a month from all of us. end up losing a game late last night, and tonight will be a big night for two tampa sports personalities. we'll talk about that coming up in sports. fortunately the golf forecast could be a little dicey. got showers out there. we're looking for temperatures to go into the 80s but got a good chance of rain.
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forecast for all of your weekend
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there are many roads in the bay area in need of an up combrad but in manatee county, leaders are asking the taxpayers for extra cash to fix the problem. >> abc action news is dedicated to making sure you know what the government is doing with your money. breaks down the proposal and what it means for your wallet and daily commute. >> woody gets in his car every day prepared to sit in traffic. he's lived in manatee county nearly all his life and has seen how the area >> there's been a lot of accidents on this road so it's definitely just jam packed. >> a lot of drivers here share those frustrations. busy roads like canal street are made worse with no shoulders and no sidewalks. >> so, yeah, it is a safety hazard in general so we're hoping that -- that we can work out something with the county to make this come together. >> this is perfect storm of population boom without a good way to -- to pay for those
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>> the county's answer, asking voters for a new half cent sales tax increase in november. it would raise an estimated $30 million a year. more than 70% would be used for transportation upgrades. if approved, tourists would end up paying about a third of that. the average resident would pay about five bucks more a month in sales tax. >> i'll pay ten bucks to have better roads. >> this interactive web site is now up helping residents navigate exactly where the proposed cities could choose to add street projects later, too. >> there is one potentially big challenge with all of this. the manatee county school district is also asking to renew a half-cent sales tax in november. the county is just hoping voters don't choose one or the other and instead, pick both. >> overall, the idea is that we're investing in the future of manatee county, and both of these initiatives are good for residents and visitors. >> abc action news
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increase is approved, manatee's sales tax would become even with neighboring countities at 7%. to all of the people red faced over the name of a lakeland lake, you are going to have to get used to it because it is here to stay. the u.s. board of geographic names notified lakeland this week that it rejected a petition to change the name of lake horney. the reason, a lack of support. a resident started the campaign this spring after being tired of all the jokes. >> let's just get our minds out of the gutter this morning. okay? come on. >> i just think that's a hysterical story. >> yes. >> i do. i mean, i don't live on the lake. more trivia time. did you figure out what mammal has four knees. >> so, i don't know. i was thinking an elephant, but
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mammal, right? >> you were actually thinking correctly. >> an elephant? that's fantastic. how many knees does a lion have? >> just two. >> oh, just two in the front, none ot back. >> see. more trivia coming up throughout the day. >> the back story here real quick. bill and i played trivia somewhere in tampa this week. >> that's correct. >> we were team action. bill, the trivia master, was just on point. we finished took home a $5 gift card. >> we didn't take it home, actually. sdpr it was the night of our lives. >> we spent it there. we are going to spend today looking at scenes like this. we'll see brighter conditions, but the rivercombat tower camera right now, as we look out over tampa bay, shows we're -- here's the thing, it's not going to be a complete washout but it's not going to be a great, bright, sunny, sunshiney wonderful weekend either.
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out there, and we've also got a persistent southwesterly flow. you put those two together, we get pretty good rain today and tomorrow. i'll show you where that rain is going to fall coming up in just a little bit. this is the area of moisture that's along the top of the gulf. northern part of the gulf of mexico. that's really going to just kind of stick there. matter of fact, the folks at the national hurricane center are looking into this to develop an area of become tropical. could. nothing to worry about as far as that now, but one way or another, it's going to bring us lots of rain. 77 for sarasota. 75 down to lakeland. we're seeing a 73-degree reading in bartow. into the metro area, 79 for tampa and also st. petersburg and airport. 78 in clearwater, and brandon, you're at 77 degrees.
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a lot warmer today because we are going to have cloud cover throughout the day. by noontime, we are going to start to see those showers moving in from the nature coast right down in through the coastline of pinellas county. we'll watch that rain kind of wash across, and then we'll get a little bit of a break by later on this evening right around the time the blink 182 show is starting over here at the amphitheater. then the showers are going to return again tomorrow. 6:00 or so, we'll see them up manatee hillsboro area. by tomorrow afternoon late into the early evening, we'll see cleerg then more rain back again for your monday back to work. so we'll put it at about a 60% chance today. looking for a high of maybe 87 degrees. that's going to be further inland where we will see more sun or the potential for sun a
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southwest winds after they are south to begin with. 5 to 10 knots. 87 degree gulfwater temperature and a moderate chop on the inland waterways. high tide comes just after 3:00 this afternoon. sun is up at four minutes until 7:00 and will set at 8:15. here is a look at florida's most accurate 7-day forecast. for tampa, i'm looking for a high of about 85. 60% chance of showers. wrap that up to 70% chance of showers on sunday. so it rains throughout the day today. showers a tomorrow and we'll hold onto that 70% chance to start the workweek, as well. if anything becomes tropical up in the northern part of the gulf, you know we're going to let you know about it. there's my twitter address. we're also getting that information pushed out on an hourly basis on the abc action news app, so please follow us there. now, what follows weather at this time of morning? you got it. it's toim with your saturday
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>> good morning, everybody. it looked like a night of celebration with brad miller joining longoria with 20 homers or more for the season. but reliever ram took care of all that. ramirez entered the 6th inning, got out of that one clean. in the 7th, gives up a homer here. a 2-1 lead now turning into a 3-2 deficit. then in the 8th, miguel #ri7s a solo homer ramirez would allow three runs and the rays end up on the losing end of this one. the final 6-2. all right. buccaneer camp notes from friday. quarterback mike lennon took the field as a proud new papa. the bad news comes from their defensive line. john sable brings us up to speed from one buck. >> it didn't take long for the buccaneers to suffer their first
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down with what appeared to be a hip injury. >> he had to be placed on ir. we wish george the best in his recovery. >> to replace johnson, the bucks promoted martin from the practice squad. johnson was expected to be used in a backup role on mike smith's defense, and now two others are looking to slide in johnson's spot. >> courtney brown and howard jones are guys that are gonna be put into the limelight right now. >> there's a slight chance johnson could rejoin the team later in the season, on his help, and the bucks' need on defense. starting this year, teams can take one player off injured reserve after eight games. friday's practice reveeld another position update. former second-round pick and cornerback jonathan banks finds himself sitting farther back on the depth chart. >> four guys kind of out in front right now in no particular order. grimes and verner and hargraves
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kind of battling for five and six. >> only been one week of camp so this depth chart is sure to change, especially once preseason starts next week. john sable, abc action sports. okay. dale earnhardt jr. popped into watkins glen yesterday, his first public appearance since suffering that concussion. he still has not been cleared to to -- race and has no idea what time he will be able to race. all he can through the con -- concussion protocol and go with the advice of his doc. >> we hope when we go back for the next evaluation that we're symptom free and can start to see a timeline develop. until then, we are just taking it one evaluation at a time, and those are typically every two to three to four weeks. and finally tonight, it will be a special night in canton,
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pro football's hall of fame, but all of us here in the tampa bay area can be proud to know two of the induck tees come from here in the bay area, tony dungee and ed debartalo, jr. both certainly worthy of their place. that's your morning sports update. enjoy your day. this is a rough story. an 86-year-old woman in an assisted living facility robbed, her credit cards taken away. >> and at the hands of the coming up, we're helping you take action to keep your loved ones and their money safe. abc action news is taking action to help get families the school supplies they need. when you bring your donations to any bay area hudson's furniture store, this turns into this. >> all because hudson's will match your donation making it double, like this. >> drop off this, and it turns into this. and when you give this, kids are getting this.
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news back to school supply drive and drop off your donations
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6:27. right now, this is a crime we notice more and more of. people in assisted living and nursing homes having their money, their credit cards, and even their identities stoling and it's being done by the very people hired to take care of
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families should be doing to make sure this doesn't happen to them. >> this is brookdale in clearwater, an assisted living and alz human ear -- alzheimer's alzheimer's. police say acosta two stole credit cards out of her purse. >> most of the transactions happening at this wal-mart? largo. police say he used cards at least 20 times. brookdale sent us this statement saying they do try to keep incidents like this from happening with, quote, associate training and pre-employment back bround -- background screenings. >> we do hear about employee theft and employee financial fraud in facilities quite frequently. >> steven hitchcock is an elder law attorney. he says it's tough to stop theft and fraud in these places for
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out. >> but there are some things you can do. sdpr keep your eye on things. >> monitor bank statements and ask your loved one about strange transactions. also, check to see if the facility has a resident trust account. >> when they put money on account with the facilityist -- facility itself rather than having to have cash on hand or checkbook in the facility. >> finally, make sure you're talking to your loved one. >> i to keep their eyes open just as they would if they were at the grocery store or mall. >> abc action news. all right. coming up next. being single may be all that it's cracked up to be after all. the perks to those who don't have a significant other coming
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live from the station taking action for you. this is abc action news. welcome back to abc action news this morning. i'm james tulley. it is just about 6:30 now. here are our top stories. 13 people dead, 6 others injured after an explosion and fire in a bar in northern france. the fire broke out in a birthday
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shortly after midnight. right now, investigators say the explosion was accidental. the victims are between the ages of 18 and 25. a dover woman is recovering at tampa general this morning after over 25% of her body was burned chl 70-year-old linda johnson was burning old newspapers and receipts in a barrel yesterday behind her home when there was an explosion. firefighters were able to quickly contain the fire, but johnson suffered burns to her legs, arm, and back. state health officials now confmi cases of the zika virus and one new non-travel-related case. but we are learning three possible vaccines proteshthed monkeys against infection. all of the -- studyings have been small so far. >> monkeys only have two, by the way. >> i have two giraffes. >> yeah, see.
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>> who knew? >> you did. >> you did. >> washout this weekend, bill? >> not a washout. we do have an abundance of tropical moisture out to our west. southwest flow. >> along the coast, be beaches. >> especially to the north of tampa bay. i think north of i-4 and east of i-75 is when we'll get kind of most of this rain, but we are going to see showers off and on, especially earlier on in today and tomorrow. so keep an eye on that and make sure plans accordingly. it's dry out there right now. rivergate tower camera looking down toward the -- this is south tampa right along the expressway there at the bottom of your screen. we will see clouds around. we will see the showers starting along the coast. already seeing a few showers making their way into citrus county right now, and then this sort of is going to pinwheel
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so we'll keep an eye on that and keep an eye on those rain fall totals. now, earlier this week, we were looking at perhaps 10 inches of rain over the 4-day period between now and tuesday. we'll back off on those numbers a little bit, but we will definitely see some rain today, tomorrow, and monday and tuesday, as well. 79 right now in st. petersburg in tampa. 78 in clearwater. 77 from crystal river down to newport richey. apollo bartow. 75 in lakeland. as far as the concert goes tonight out at the amphitheater in tampa, looks like the small things like rain chances are going to be around for the blink 182 show. showers, yes. downpours, no. so there may be moist seats out there on the lawn. otherwise, i think this is going
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eye to the skies and beware of those showers that will be rolling through. >> all right. bill, thanks. just to kind of brafrmg -- branch off to what you were talking about. in response to heavy rains, pasco county will open sandbag operations. sandbags will be provided, but you are encouraged to bring your own shovel. we have the locations posted on our web site, let's turn to dem donald trump breaking a four-day standoff and finally endorsing paul ryan in a step towards unifying the party. previously, trump refused to endorse ryan, seemingly in response to ryan's reluctance to endorse him. yesterday, ryan said his endorsement of trump is not set in stone. the first time in 128 years, the harvard republican club breaking tradition saying it will not support this year's gop nominee donald trump. the group is the oldest college
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every election since 1888. here is some trivia, bill. who ran that year? in a facebook post, the club goes into detail about why it won't endorse trump saying his views are opposite to their values as americans, pointing to his rhetoric, calling it racist. the group also said trump's platform would endanger u.s. safety at home and abroad. an orange county man apoll jiegz to attorney general. kevin cunning last month after he sent bondy a threatening e-mail accusing hef of taking briebs from trump calling her a bigon who enabled the pulse nightclub attack. cunningham threatened to kill bondy with his bare hands. cunningham says if he could take back the words, he would. hilary clinton speaking in washington dc yesterday told a crowd of black and hispanic journalists, she may have, quote, short circuited when trying to answer questions about her e-mail controversy.
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or received classified information on her private server, a statement not consistent with fbi director's recent testimony. for the first time, a miami-dade police officer is sharing his incredible story of survival. the cameras were role -- rolling three years ago when officer gutierrez almost died while trying to stop a man from set ago gas station on fire. the suspect tried to set fire to a giant underground storage tank filled police say he grabbed a gas nozzle and sprayed it to the ground. officer gutierrez hit the shutoff. then this happened. charged with a knife and screwdriver stabbing him at least 20 times. >> that was a fight to the death, and only one person was going to walk away from that. >> that was the deputy right there. during the violent attack, gutierrez managed to grab his gun and fired at the suspect
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country are having a tough time this morning accessing the online social security accounts. listen to this. there's a new security measure that was just added this week, and it requires users to enter a code that they get texted too them, along with their user name and password to access their account. that means users who don't have cell phones or who don't have cell phones that get text messages have no way to access their accounts online. the social security administration admits it's an issue, but there's no solution at this time. well, hashtags on facebook like the love your spouse challenge, it's where people post pictures of why they love their spouse, it's pretty cute, you know. they may be wishing this they were married, but one harvard psychologist now saying being single may come with some benefits. at the american psychological association meeting in denver, one harvard psychologist presented findings for more than 800 studies looking at single people. the analysis finds singles tend
6:40 am
more likely to report experiencing growth in economic development. plus, compared to married people, they tend to report more freedom when it comes to making their own decisions. nearly half of u.s. adults are now single, a record high. i would say maybe two out of three of those i could sign up for. >> okay. >> yes. you can guess at home which two or three if you even care, but yeah. freedom is one of them. >> write us in. let us kno our facebook page. still ahead, parns and students left in -- parents and students left in the dark after a dance teacher takes their hard-earned money and closes up shop. >> wait until you hear what we
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6:43 now. a hillsboro county dance academy owner closing her studio and skipping town without telling anyone. >> not only is she refuseing to refund parents, she's already opened a new stud owe in -- studio in another state. >> a new dance studio will open here in apollo beach next week,
6:44 am
same location closed suddenly back in june. clients say the owner left without paying them back hundreds of dollars and broke their daughters' hearts. >> you can, like, spend time with your friends and like, you can learn new stunts every day 9-year-old daphne loves dancing and was excited about going to summer camp. when it was time for camp to start. >> lo >> there were people that were going to go to summer camp and showed up on the doorstep, and she wasn't there. >> hello chl my name is catelyn benedict. i'm the owner of south shore rising stars studio. >> catelyn benedict closed her dance studio days after a recital. dozens paid for dvds of the recital they didn't get. her landlord has sued her for nearly $13,000 in unpaid rent.
6:45 am
bishop paid $400 for costumes her two daughters never got. >> it was my five-year-old that all she really wanted to do was wear a costume and be on stage. at that age, it's very difficult to explain to her what has happened. >> benedict was soliciting new students for her new studio in athens, georgia. >> my husband and i are small business owners in this town ourselves, and i can't imagine ever just lett moving to another town and starting the same business there with all their money. >> benedict told us late tuesday afternoon she has paid everyone she owes but will double check her accounting to make sure that's the case. daphne didn't go to camp this year because her parents couldn't afford it. >> i was thinking that she was a really nice lady, and i don't know why she would really do that. >> parents told us they initially contacted the sheriff's office to report the missing money but were told it's a civil matter.
6:46 am
parents say they'll likely not pursue the former owner in court cht reporting from apollo beach, i'm i team investigator adam taking action for you. still ahead, a drain on much-needed police resources. there's a plan in the works right now in pasco county they hope will cut down on all of the false alarm calls. stay with us.
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a very good app it have today to keep watch of the rains. >> yeah. yu're monitoring -- >> i'm rolling my eyes at the rain. this is me rolling my eyes. >> into every -- >> my vacation starts in three hours. >> well, happy vacation. >> my beach vacation, bill. >> which means -- >> it's going to rain until monday.
6:50 am
>> oh, mo. >> if you remember about a year ago this week, we had that deluge when roads were underwater. the university of tampa was, like, somebody had opened up a faucet on top of it. >> yeah. oh, wow. >> not going to be that bad today, pu we've got that same weather pattern out there with an abundance of moisture sitting and spinning out in the gulf of potential for pretty significant rain fall totals. earlier in the week, we were looking at the mo els. we were seeing maybe 10 inches of rain over the 72-hour period through this weekend. looks like we'll back off on that chl most of the rain will stay off to the north. here is that big massive moisture. it's going to kind of pinwheel
6:51 am
warm, muggy air. 77s all over the map. from clearwater up to spring hill, sarasota, north port, winter haeven all at 77. 79 in tampa and hudson. 75 for auburndale and 76 in avon park, sea bring. at 76, also, in tallahassee. looking across the southeast, another one of those days that will be very moist, very muggy. comben, overspreading and bringing that moisture throughout the southeast, specifically into the state of florida. we've got that southwest flow, along with the abundant moisture. we will watch the showers, like i said, kind of pin wheel down. by 10:00, all the way from citrus county down through the pinellas coastline, we'll see those showers roll on shore. by noontime, 1:00, better coverage, and perhaps even through central sections of
6:52 am
to see this push across by about 5:30, 6:00, and then gradually all of this is going to fall apart into the evening. so with the rain around, with the clouds, we're only looking for a high of about 84 degrees in st. petersburg. 85 in tampa. where we get a little more sunshine, we may see the temperatures get up to about 86 or 87 degrees. that's about it. definitely a cooler than normal day with those storms now and later. pay very close attention to this, lindsey. >> oh, sdpr get ready to roll your eyes. >> oh, boy. >> oh my. whoa! rolling her eyes all the way over here. it's good to be a wet one, folks, and going to remain wet through the weekend. it won't be a complete washout, but there are going to be showers around today, tomorrow, and into the beginning of the workweek. there's about a 20 to 30% chance that what's out there in the gulf right now could become developically active. folks at the national hurricane
6:53 am
so, too, are we, and if anything changes, if that gets pumped up into something we need to let you worry about, we'll let you know at frms this morning, wither getting a look at pasco county's worst offenders when it comes to the somehows of false alarm calls. those calls end up wasting precious time dep tis could be using for something more serious. >> absolutely. abc action news reporter eric shows us what the sheriff's office wants to do to fix the problem. >> during the last the pasco sheriff's office says this house on victoria lane and holiday generated 187 alarm calls. 2 doors down, frank pate had a pretty good look at deputies showing up from the swing on his front porch. >> every other day almost, very often. >> neighbors say most of those alarm calls came from a mother allegedly dealing with her drug addicted daughter. during the last 12 months, the sheriff's office says 80% of the alarm calls they responded to
6:54 am
proposed an ordinance to start fining property owners, home or business, who rack up the most false alarms. >> think of a deputy responding to that call. that is now sending resources out there. the drive time there checking around the property then leaving. that's going out doing proactive law enforcement, going after people causing real problems in the community. >> others topping the list of constant alarm calls in pasco include the napa auto parts on u.s. 19 and river ridge golf club. 12 of the top 30 offenders schools or churches cht under the proposal, the first two false alarms will bring a warning. after that, they'll start getting fines from $50 up to 500. i think it's a very good idea. they got a tough job to be sheriff just alone and not come out here with foolish calls like they have been doing right here. >> pinellas county created a similar ordinance in 2009 and a significant decrease in false alarm calls followed.
6:55 am
the pasco county commission is expected to vote on the ordinance next week. back on victoria lane, the alarm calls have stopped because a family moved away. >> since they moved off, things has calmed down, yes. we're happy. in in holiday, eric waxler, abc action news. still ahead, a gang of supervillains get redty to take over the box office. >> right after the break, we'll have a preview of the highly anticipated suicide squad movie that many comic fanatics have been waiting long. z22r7z zy6z
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y22sry yy6y a couple minutes now before 7:00 on your saturday. the rain out there, might be a good weekend to take in a flick. hollywood has at least one more summer blockbuster left to go this season, even if it's not getting much love from the critics. here is movies out this weekend. >> i want to build a team of some very bad people who i think can do some good. >> come on. got something better to do? >> good, bad, and better get all mixed up this weekend, courtesy of suicide squad. dc comics flick about villains recruited for a dirty dozen style mission is getting e vis rated by the critics but that may not matter.
6:59 am
predicting will smith and the combang could pull in $140 million or more which would easily be the biggest august debut ever. >> could i pick out a cat and then i'll be on my way? keep the change. >> i'm sorry? >> let's do this. >> how are you doing? >> wait a minute. i'm a cat. >> for a real change of pace, there's nun lives. kevin spacey, christopher, and jennifer garner star family comedy about a billionaire businessman who finds himself feeling feline. despite the big names, the furcasters don't see this tail topping 10 million this weekend. >> good one there, bill. we have another hour of abc action news coming up at 7:00. up next, parents beware. popular pokemon stops also popular for something more sinister. the dangers your child could be
7:00 am
start of the school year, and there are still teaching positions that need to be filled. why the district is having a hard time rekruth -- recruiting staff and the unusual way they are looking to make fast hires. that's next. >> abc action news is brought to


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